Workplace Accessibility

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Disability at Work: The Forgotten Diversity

Disability in the workplace is a form of diversity—yet it is widely misunderstood and often excluded from diversity considerations. Data shows that organizations can effectively improve disability inclusion and, in the process, improve the workplace experience of all employees.

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Making the Disability Inclusion Connections in Your Business and Community: Five Practical, Powerful Strategies for Action

Five powerful and practical strategies for making the disability inclusion connections in your business and in the community your business serves.  

Linda Campbell and Micheal Smith.

Deaf researchers are advancing the field of science — but barriers still hold many back

In a scrubby patch of forest near Halifax, Saint Mary’s University professor Linda Campbell and her master’s student, Michael Smith, squelch through mud, looking for lichens. The lichens they’re after can be used as natural biological monitors of pollutants from former gold-mining sites, like this one. 

Image of Kevin McShan in his wheelchair sitting in St. Clair College.

This journalist turned podcaster uses experience in newsrooms to break barriers and spark inclusive conversations

Kevin McShan did not have a traditional introduction to the newsroom. He did his journalism internship with St. Clair College’s newspaper, in the sports department.

Kacey McCallister lost both his legs when his was just six-years-old after an accident with a semi-truck.

Mechanic uses social media to inspire people as he overcomes his disability.

Kacey McCallister lost both his legs when his was just six-years-old after an accident with a semi-truck.

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How Young Adults With Disabilities Can Succeed in Business

Young adults with disabilities can have trouble finding their places in the professional world. But a career in business could be a fulfilling choice. However, you might be nervous about facing obstacles in school and in the workforce. These tips will help you navigate the path to your career in business.

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How Microsoft is Hiring More Inclusive with Minecraft

For most of us, job interviews can be stressful and difficult to prepare for. Traditional interview formats can also present unique challenges for neurodivergent candidates.

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Creating a Workplace Personalized Emergency Response Plan

Under the AODA [Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) S.27(1)], employers must provide personalized emergency response plans to workers who have temporary or permanent disabilities.

Picture of Daniel Durant, Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin.

“We’re Not Deaf Actors — We’re Actors, Period”: ‘CODA’’s Watershed Moment in Representation

The indie film that broke all records with its $25 million Sundance sale is next-level inclusive, says its Oscar-winning star Marlee Matlin: “To have a hearing actor put on a deaf character as if it was a costume — we’ve moved beyond that point now.”

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TV has ‘utterly failed’ disabled people, writer Jack Thorne says

His Dark Materials and Enola Holmes screenwriter Jack Thorne has accused the TV industry of “utterly and totally” failing disabled people.