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JENNY LAY-FLURRIE – Stories from inside Microsoft’s journey to design a more accessible world

Her perfect diction and exceptional lip-reading skills – honed by practicing in the mirror as a little girl – allowed her to cloak the deafness. Of course, that made workdays exhausting. In time, Lay-Flurrie accepted and then celebrated the disability, though some colleagues still didn’t know she had one.

Chuck Edward standing on a balcony with a partly cloudy sky behind him.

A high-profile leader reveals his disability to help others have a more empowered voice

As a human resources exec, Chuck Edward has long championed the voices of others and encouraged their stories. He has traveled globally, from India to Romania, with thoughtful advice for employees and job candidates to be vulnerable, open-minded and authentic. He’s a well-known, compassionate mentor who enjoys coaching people and shaping an inclusive culture that gives everyone “permission to be real.”

Picture of Becca Meyers.

Deaf-Blind Paralympian Quits Team USA After Being Denied Basic Accommodation

“I’m angry, I’m disappointed, but most of all, I’m sad not to be representing my country,” swimmer Becca Meyers said.

Picture of a box of office supplys.

Job Security Was Already Precarious For Individuals With Disabilities. Then COVID Hit.

Workers with disabilities are disproportionately experiencing job loss during the coronavirus pandemic.

Picture of the author Mickey Rowe.

I May Be Autistic, But I’m Not A Bad Actor, No Matter What Sia Says

After catching heat for a problematic casting choice, Sia clapped back at several professional autistic actresses. Here’s what that signals to the autistic community.

Picture of a little boy with downs syndrome.

Down Syndrome Photo Series ‘More To Me’ Shatters Myths

A Canadian project shines light on the range of emotions those with the syndrome experience.

Picture of a guy in his wheelchair in a train station.

What it’s Like for Disabled and Elderly People to Take the TTC

You know that feeling when you’re hurried to get to work or an appointment downtown but the subway trains are all packed? So you fidget with angst until a less jam-packed car zooms into the station? Now, multiply that stress by 20 times.

Picture of Kara Garbe Balcerzak.

Why I Lie About Being Disabled

“‘What do you do?’ the woman asked me. I hesitated. I thought, ‘I’m disabled,’ but instead, I told her, ‘I’m between jobs.’”

Picture of Suhana with her sister Shahrine.

Suhana’s Story

Suhana has a sister, Shahrine, who is older by 18 months. While Shahrine’s mother was pregnant with Suhana, their uncle came to town for a visit. During the visit, their uncle was quick to notice that Shahrine did not seem to be talking at an age appropriate level or respond when called upon.

Picture of Michael J. Fox at the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

Michael J. Fox Is Retiring From Acting To Focus On His Health

The actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, and had surgery to remove a spinal tumour two years ago.