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Picture of a doctor listening to a stethoscope.

Taking Your Health Care To The Next Level With Telemedicine

Services like HealthLine only offer advice, and often require patients to seek in-person care. Telemedicine is different, directly connecting patients and licensed health care providers online. Telemedicine — also known as eHealth, telehealth, or virtual medicine — aims to cut down on in-person visits, making medical care more efficient for both patients and healthcare providers.

Book cover from the book named "Emmanuel's Dream" written by Laurie Ann Thompson and Sean Qualls.

Children’s Books That Feature Characters With Disabilities

These kids’ books feature main and secondary characters with disabilities that may or may not be central to the plot.

Closeup picture of an eyeball looking foward.

How To Teach Kids To Stop Staring At People Who Look Different Than Them

Parents have a responsibility to teach young children some basic etiquette. Here’s how.

Picture of a little boy with downs syndrome.

Down Syndrome Photo Series ‘More To Me’ Shatters Myths

A Canadian project shines light on the range of emotions those with the syndrome experience.

Picture of a truck parked in a handicap parking spot.

What To Know Before You Judge Someone For Using A Disability Accessible Parking Spot

“I saw a police officer standing next to my car…. [He] mentioned someone called the police when they saw me get out of my car with my family.”

Picture of the pwda logo.

Identity-First Vs Person-First Language

Both person-first and identity-first language are used in Australia to refer to people with disability, or disabled people. People with disability often have very strong preferences for either identity-first, or person-first language.

International Guide Dog Day

International Guide Dog Day

Guide dogs provide opportunities for social interaction and greater independence for legally blind adults. International Guide Dog Day pays tribute to the dogs who do this impressive work.

Picture of a man sitting in his wheelchair with his service dog on his lap.

People With Disabilities Don’t Need Us To Decide What’s ‘Best’ For Them

Stop telling people what they need. Ask them — and then listen to the answers.

Mike Duxbury and Ness Shillito © MAG/Ed Henderson

Blind farmer creates route into farming for disabled students

A blind farmer is breaking down employment barriers for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties by giving them work experience on his small farm in Bedfordshire.

Picture if a woman in her wheelchair speaking on the phone.

Disability as Inspiration: Can Greater Exposure Overcome this Phenomenon?

Inspiration… a term often used when an able-bodied individual witnesses a person with a disability competing, or participating in, a challenging activity despite a physical impairment. “What’s your excuse?” is a phrase that often accompanies what is designed as motivational images depicting these scenarios. Very popular Facebook and other social media image posts with extraordinarily high share numbers often follow this theme: “If they can do it, so can you!”