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Picture of Nila Morton.

I Am Black, Disabled And Beautiful. Here’s Why I Speak Up For Others With Disabilities.

“As a disability advocate, I want Black people with disabilities to be seen, heard and respected as human beings.”

Picture of Kat Anderson and family, clockwise from left: daughter Poppy, dad George, mom Kat, son Atlas, and Atlas' service dog.

My Son Has Autism. Here’s The Routine We Have To Adjust To The ‘New Normal’

Struggling to adapt to the new normal? This is what has worked for us.

Picture of two kids talking to a man in a wheelchair.

How To Talk To Your Kid About Disabilities

Parents should discuss inclusivity and representation for disabled people with their children.

Picture of a google home.

How People With Down Syndrome Are Improving Google’s Voice Recognition Tech

The company’s new project aims to make speech recognition software more accessible. You’ve heard the phrases before: the questions asked and answered by those ubiquitous, futuristic devices. It’s all “OK, Google” and “Hey, Siri” out in the world of smartphone and voice assistant tech, where, by next year, it’s well expected that 50 per cent of all internet searches will be undertaken by voice command alone.

Boy Smiling Wearing Headphones

How To Include Kids Sensitive To Sights And Sounds In Holiday Parties

The festive lighting arrangements, the ornately decorated trees, the ceremonial unwrapping of gifts on a white-capped Christmas morning — for the most part, 11-year-old Junayd enjoys the promises of the holiday season.

The Many Advantages of Bikes for Children with Special Needs

The average bike-riding experience is one that every child dreams of. However, it does not come easily to children with special needs. The good news is that the advancement of technology offers adaptive bikes for these children that accommodate a wide array of disabilities.

Picture of an elephant drawing with a bunch of sticky notes on it.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: invisible disabilities

The elephant was the bearer of a very important message. Most people are aware of Disability as a very visible thing. But that isn’t always the case. A lot of disabilities are invisible, but sometimes our reaction to them isn’t. There is a need for consideration in our behaviour and actions.

Picture of a service dog.

Stop Making Degrading Assumptions About People With Disabilities

Most of us have gone beyond the notion of jobs that can be performed only by men or only by women, and that race is something that is a predictor of behaviour of any kind. Why have we not begun to approach our assumptions around disability?

Three different photos, the first is a man riding a Pedelec bike for disabled people, the second is a group of girls eating lunch at a table one is in a wheelchair, and the last is a disabled young man at a college.

Disability and Health Inclusion Strategies

Inclusion of people with disabilities into everyday activities involves practices and policies designed to identify and remove barriers such as physical, communication, and attitudinal, that hamper individuals’ ability to have full participation in society, the same as people without disabilities

A woman in a park pours a bucket of water during a charity challenge

Is an “Identity Model” Replacing the Charitable, Medical, and Social Models of Disability?

Language is a strange and powerful thing. So are sociological models for traits that describe the six completely disparate groups of people with disabilities.