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Everyone needs a chance to join with others in every day activities. Many ask, "But how can someone participate if they have a disability?" To answer their question, A Life Worth Living (ALWL) shares stories on how people choose to live a life worth living.

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Judy Robinet, ECE, Med, O&M, Founder of A Life Worth Living.

Narrator Paul Vasey: I’d Like to introduce you to Judy Robinet, Executive Director of A Life Worth Living.”

Judy:” What would you do tomorrow if you lost your vision today. Or what if it happened to someone you loved? What would you tell them? Where would you go? How would you help? And, would it be enough?”

Narrator Paul Vasey: “Stevie Wonder, Musician, A Life Worth Living Advisor and Mentor.”

Stevie Wonder: “A Life Worth Living’s vision to produce comprehensive, state-of-the-art educational resources on living with a disability is a dream come true for me. More than ever, alcohol, drugs and suicide are tempting to solutions for youth dealing with the mounting pressures of daily life. Now add to these dangers the sudden onset of blindness. How do you restore hope when dreams are shattered?”

Workplace Accessibility:
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A Life Worth Living's workplace resources focus on business-to-business approaches implementing the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and highlight strategies toward a more inclusive environment.

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A Life Worth Living's Resource Library is a gateway to finding grassroots solutions to your questions about keeping everyone involved.

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