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Choose A Life Worth Living

Everyone needs a chance to join with others in every day activities. Many ask, “But how can someone participate if they have a disability?” To answer their question, A Life Worth Living (ALWL) shares stories on how people choose to live a life worth living.

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Life Stories

Since the beginning of time, stories teach, inspire, and bind people together. This collection of personal journeys offers life-changing answers to the questions ‘How do others live this life?’ ‘How can I live this life?’ and ‘How can we help?’

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    Training Courses

    People will receive the tools, resources and information they need to exceed accessibility legislation by focussing on the end-user experience.

  • Resource Library

    Resource Library

    Our multimedia collections are a gateway to grassroots solutions we selected to answer your questions about how others keep everyone involved.

  • Sharing Strategies

    Sharing Strategies

    These ‘what worked for me’ ideas offer hope, inspiration and practical guidance for people with disabilities, their families and the public.

  • Workplace Accessibility

    Workplace Accessibility

    Highlighting business-to-business best practices that create a more inclusive workplace environment.