Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement 2021

At A Life Worth Living, we are modern day storytellers committed to preserving and sharing life stories and resources on living with a disability which answer the questions ‘How do I live this life?’ ‘How do others live this life?’ and ‘How can we help?’.  To deliver these stories on our Online Resource Centre, our goal is to exceed accessibility standards by focusing on the end-user experience. We follow the principles of universal design to ensure that the website can adapt to different user preferences, including using mobile devices and assistive technologies. To ensure that our branding and end-user experience is clear and consistent across all the web content and resources, we produced a Style Guide to share with our stakeholders and contractors.

Since receiving charitable status in April 1995, we sought expertise and despite our best efforts, we struggled to engage an expert in accessible media. It has been quite a journey! All previous engagements with web developers resulted in repeated failed accessibility audits for the site.  In April 2021, we finally have a site that has passed automated, manual and end-user testing.  This year, for the first time in our history we will launch our Online Resource Centre.

Here is what we’re doing to ensure that this website is accessible, and usable, for everyone:

  • Integrate quality assurance in our design, development, and testing processes.
  • Include people with disabilities who participate in the design reviews and testing of the website.
  • Work with professionals to provide accessible content such as audio description, manual closed captioning, and narration.

If you have questions or comments about the accessibility of our Online Resource Centre, please contact us at