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Restoring Hope After Diagnosis

Dr. William McDermott, internationally renowned Trauma Psychologist, explains why a trauma psychologist is called in, identifies individual differences in psychology or emotionality, discusses normal reactions to disability and how others can help.

Trauma in the Family

Dr. William McDermott, internationally renowned Trauma Psychologist describes what happens in the family when a loved one is traumatized, the challenges a family faces, the effect on their life philosophy, and conspiracy of silence.

Trauma is Trauma

Dr. William McDermott, internationally renowned Trauma Psychologist, defines trauma, assessing if someone has had a traumatic reaction, and trauma’s impact on a person’s self-concept.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr. William McDermott, internationally renowned Trauma Psychologist explains Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, identifies signs that the person is aware they have PTSD, discusses recovery or lack of progress, and differentiates between suicidal and para suicidal thoughts.

Business Accessibility Toolkit Teaser

John Clark, Clarks LLP, Judy Robinet, Ex. Dir. A Life Worth Living, Kyle Horner, Producer AM 800, Vicki Mayer, Ex. Dir, ATN Access, David Best, IT Accessibility Specialist and AODA Standards Council, Anna Szczurko, Siskinds LLP, John Corrent, LLP Corrent and Macri, Dean LaBute, AODA Consultant, Dr. Dan Vespa, Optometrist, and Laurie Komon, Low Vision Counselor discuss business benefits of AODA.

What is Universal Design?

As the two parallel trends of globalization, technology innovation and human rights advocacy, draw closer together the push-pull effect on the digital divide is creating unintentional barriers. Societal inclusion is not just about enabling technologies and accessible services, but rather should be more about effective design around real-life experiences.

Digital Accessibility: Perceptions, Expectations and Reality

As A Life Worth Living is beginning to return to active blogging, our team had this document brought to our attention. The focus of the rest of 2020 and into 2021 will be very active in the realm of digital accessibility and website usability with a drive toward design being “better than compliance”.

woman walking with cane next to person in wheelchair

Closing The Disability Inclusion Gap At Work: These 5 Research-Proven Ways Will Help You Start Today

It’s one thing for a team’s leadership to say they want to be more inclusive and another to successfully put that vision into practice. Just starting the process can raise a lot of questions: How does the human resources department get involved? Where does the role of the chief diversity officer begin and end? And how does the information trickle down to managers and IT directors?

Bebot's Bad Day screenshot of video

BeBot’s Bad Day

Rather than put blind people in danger, A Life Worth Living animated their life experiences while using a white cane in the community so we can be aware of the hazards that can be easily prevented.

AODA Ontario Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act must be reviewed regularly. The Honourable David C. Onley, Ontario’s 28th Lieutenant Governor, was appointed to review the act and conducted public consultations in 2018. This report presents his recommendations to the government.