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How to Make the Hiring Process Accessible

The Employment Standard under the AODA states that employers must make the hiring process accessible to applicants and candidates with disabilities. This may leave people wondering how to make the hiring process accessible. Here we outline how employers can create accessible job postings and provide interview accommodations.

Picture of Kat Anderson and family, clockwise from left: daughter Poppy, dad George, mom Kat, son Atlas, and Atlas' service dog.

My Son Has Autism. Here’s The Routine We Have To Adjust To The ‘New Normal’

Struggling to adapt to the new normal? This is what has worked for us.

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Glossary of ADA Terms

Find definitions related to technology, disability and law in this Glossary of ADA Terms, or you may visit our ADA Acronyms & Abbreviations page, or Search Dictionary Resources.

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How To Talk To Your Kid About Disabilities

Parents should discuss inclusivity and representation for disabled people with their children.

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Web Accessibility Myths: Debunking 7 Common Misconceptions

The laws and best practices around website accessibility can seem forbiddingly complex at first sight. Unhelpfully, there are also several myths and half-truths in circulation, which can muddy the waters and give companies a false sense of security about the accessibility of their digital content.

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Accessibility is more than a technical problem

Accessibility is more than a technical problem to solve. (Sorry to break it to you.) But accessibility work isn’t actually hard to do. The tricky part is appreciating the complexity and breadth of disabilities that impact your users.

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Designing for Dyslexia

An estimated 10% of the population has dyslexia. That’s 32.9 million Americans and 764 million people worldwide. Researchers suggest the numbers could actually be much higher, many people simply go undiagnosed. Either way, we know there are hundreds of millions of people with dyslexia.

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How You Can Be Blind But Still Have Vision

Blindness is scary because a lot of people associate it with darkness, and I get that…however, I don’t really see darkness – the truth is I don’t know what I can’t see. The best way I can describe blindness is like this: try to see what’s behind your head. You can’t see it, but it’s not really darkness – it’s just not there.

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Deaf consumers demand equality in telephone access as our nation celebrates the ADA’s anniversary

This week the White House recognized the 31st Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was a celebration of landmark civil rights legislation promoting equal access for people with disabilities.

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Why Accessibility Is the Future of Tech

Designing solutions for people with disabilities offers a peephole into the future.