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Brooke Robinson in hospital after undergoing a stem cell transplant to ease symptoms of multiple sclerosis. (SUPPLIED)

What it feels like: A stem cell transplant for MS

A chance meeting with a man in a wheelchair led Brooke Robinson to a clinical trial that was using stem cells to treat multiple sclerosis: ‘He saved my life.’

A man in a wheel chair smiling with thumbs up with a young girl standing next to him

Camilo Acero: My Family is My Trophy

Injured in his home country of Colombia at the age of 18, Camilo sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident. The life changing event marked the start of using a wheelchair to navigate day to day life, but even in the early moments of trauma, his optimism was remarkable.

Cassandra and Hailey Brandt

Sacrifice and Strength: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Through SCI

Rebuilding a life following a high-level spinal cord injury is never easy. For Cassandra Brandt, a single mother, and her daughter Haley, America’s worsening caregiver crisis forced them into a situation that no family should have to face.


JENNY LAY-FLURRIE – Stories from inside Microsoft’s journey to design a more accessible world

Her perfect diction and exceptional lip-reading skills – honed by practicing in the mirror as a little girl – allowed her to cloak the deafness. Of course, that made workdays exhausting. In time, Lay-Flurrie accepted and then celebrated the disability, though some colleagues still didn’t know she had one.

Chuck Edward standing on a balcony with a partly cloudy sky behind him.

A high-profile leader reveals his disability to help others have a more empowered voice

As a human resources exec, Chuck Edward has long championed the voices of others and encouraged their stories. He has traveled globally, from India to Romania, with thoughtful advice for employees and job candidates to be vulnerable, open-minded and authentic. He’s a well-known, compassionate mentor who enjoys coaching people and shaping an inclusive culture that gives everyone “permission to be real.”

MS Exec Taylor Anne

‘We are at a crossroads’ – How Microsoft’s Accessibility team is making an impact that will be felt for generations

When it comes to accessibility, Anne Taylor is not afraid to share her point of view. Serving as Director of Supportability in Microsoft’s Accessibility program, she ensures the teams designing Microsoft products and services always consider people with disabilities.

Image of the Active Living Alliance for Canadians with Disability's logo.

Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability

The Canadian Disability Participation Project is excited to announce and share with you the newly released Inclusive Playgrounds resource!

Picture of a doctor listening to a stethoscope.

Taking Your Health Care To The Next Level With Telemedicine

Services like HealthLine only offer advice, and often require patients to seek in-person care. Telemedicine is different, directly connecting patients and licensed health care providers online. Telemedicine — also known as eHealth, telehealth, or virtual medicine — aims to cut down on in-person visits, making medical care more efficient for both patients and healthcare providers.

Picture of A young handicap girl is sitting in her wheelchair and is playing with other children - they are building towers using wooden blocks.

It’s Time To Change The Culture Of Living With A Disability In Canada

We, the disability family, have been an afterthought — for governments, service agencies and organizations — for far too long. Our opinions have been sidelined, our emotions trivialized, our needs prescribed and our resources shuttered.

Picture of a disability claim form.

Untangle The Confusing Web That Is Canada’s Disability Policy

There needs to be a single ministry department with the authority, decision-making ability and accountability needed to support Canadians.