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Michael and Isabel wear hiking gear after crossing the Ramoljoch in the Austrian Alps.

The world doesn’t end when you have Alzheimer’s: Isabel and Michael’s story

Isabel, a retired teacher, and Michael, a military veteran, live in Victoria, British Columbia. Happily married for more than 50 years, they first met at a mess hall in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, in 1961. Today, Isabel is living with Alzheimer’s disease. Here, Michael tells the story of their life after diagnosis.

Picture of two young girls playing together on a playground.

5 Ways To Help Your Kid With Special Needs Make Friends

Touching or following other children on the playground is how five-year-old Kellen tries to make new friends.

Picture of Christine and Emma with Emma's siblings and mother.

The Hidden Cost Of Raising A Child With A Chronic Condition

Emma and her three siblings have Leigh Syndrome, a mitochondrial disease which involves multi-systemic failure. Before they were diagnosed, Emma became gravely ill and went into a coma in 2011.