Book cover from the book named "Emmanuel's Dream" written by Laurie Ann Thompson and Sean Qualls.

Children’s Books That Feature Characters With Disabilities

These kids’ books feature main and secondary characters with disabilities that may or may not be central to the plot.

Picture of a father holding his baby.

I’m A Dad-To-Be With A Disability. Here’s Why I’m Learning To Carry A Baby Months In Advance.

Most dads don’t give carrying their kids this much thought and effort. But I have cerebral palsy.
I put both arms into the Baby Bjorn and flipped it over my head, the way a preschooler puts on a jacket. I clipped the carrier’s back pad around my midsection. When time came for the baby, I cradled its head with my left arm, and reached my right hand underneath. I lifted — slowly, slowly — wondering how much harder this would be with a live infant. I settled the toy doll into position, exhaled and began securing the harnesses.

Picture of a kids hand on a window that has raindrops on it.

I’m At Home With A Profoundly Disabled Child And I’m Afraid I Can’t Meet His Needs

“With schools closed during the coronavirus pandemic, parents of children with disabilities are facing a new set of challenges.”

Picture of two young girls playing together on a playground.

5 Ways To Help Your Kid With Special Needs Make Friends

Touching or following other children on the playground is how five-year-old Kellen tries to make new friends.

Picture of three older women taking a selfie.

Ways Technology Can Help Seniors with Dementia

Technology has made lives easier in various forms. Whether it’s the ease of shopping, communicating, or working, technological advancements contributed vastly to one’s daily activities. As dementia cases in seniors rise, you can also use technology to help your loved one through the process.

Picture of a man in his wheelchair crossing a road.

8 Everyday Items Originally Invented for People With Disabilities

There’s something called the “Curb-Cut Effect.” Research institute PolicyLink describes it as “a vibrant illustration of how laws and programs designed to benefit vulnerable groups, such as the disabled or people of color, often end up benefiting all.”

Picture of a man in his wheelchair in a field with his arms up in the air.

Living With A Disability: 12 Essential Tips To Maintain Your Awesome Attitude

I was born with Spina Bifida and one of the biggest challenges of having been born with a disability is that it’s sometimes difficult to separate yourself as a person from the physical condition you’ve always known.

Picture of an older man getting checked at the doctors.

Here’s How To Quickly Recognize A Stroke And Respond Properly

The longer one waits to seek medical attention, the higher the chance that a larger area of their brain matter becomes damaged.

Picture of elf on the shelves with different disability's.

This Mom Modifies Dolls So Kids With Disabilities Feel Seen

Holiday magic for kids who rarely see themselves represented in toys.

Picture of two kids talking to a man in a wheelchair.

How To Talk To Your Kid About Disabilities

Parents should discuss inclusivity and representation for disabled people with their children.