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Picture of Kate Stanforth in her wheelchair making a dance pose.

Kate Stanforth: Disabled dance teacher empowering inclusive dance

Kate Stanforth is a dance teacher, charity founder, disability activist, model, and PR manager from Northumberland. When she became a wheelchair user, she made adaptations to dance in order to continue to pursue her passion and gain her teaching qualification. She now runs an inclusive dance school and encourages others to start their own exploration with dance, no matter their ability.

A box of Purdys Chocolates

Chocolatier extends accessible braille box beyond the holidays

Purdys Chocolatier’s first-of-its-kind product box uses braille to make shopping for chocolate accessible to the blind community.

Picture Headshot of Ann Marie Carr

What it feels like: Living with Amyloidosis

When Anne Marie Carr was diagnosed in 2015, she was told most patients only survive three years. Six years later, she’s the founder and Executive Director of Hereditary Amyloidosis Canada.

Erik Weihenmayer at Le Blondeau Glacier, near Alaska’s southeast coast, the start of his rafting expedition. National Geographic for Disney+/Oliver Richards

Meet the blind explorer who takes Will Smith to the ends of the Earth in a new series

Climber Erik Weihenmayer went blind by age 14 from a condition called retinoschisis, but he never lost sight of how to live a life of adventure, turning challenges into opportunities.

Picture of two young girls playing together on a playground.

5 Ways To Help Your Kid With Special Needs Make Friends

Touching or following other children on the playground is how five-year-old Kellen tries to make new friends.

Picture of Ginny Butcher at her law school graduation.

Here’s What It’s Like To Live With A Tracheostomy

“The hole in my neck doesn’t hold me back; I’ve done things many nondisabled people still have yet to do.”

Picture of the author Jan Grue.

The high cost of living in a disabling world

For all the advances that have been made in recent decades, disabled people cannot yet participate in society ‘on an equal basis’ with others – and the pandemic has led to many protections being cruelly eroded. 

Image of Elle For.

How One Woman is Redefining What It Means to Live with Multiple Sclerosis

Now this is what you call resiliency. Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world. Despite its prevalence, MS doesn’t look the same for everyone, a reality that can be a challenge to understand.


Internet Hall of Fame Pioneer – Vint Cerf

Widely known as a “Father of the Internet,” Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet. In December 1997, President Bill Clinton presented the U.S. National Medal of Technology to Cerf and his colleague, Robert E. Kahn, for founding and developing the Internet.


12 Disabled Scientists Who Made the World a Better Place

You don’t have to follow science news to know the name Stephen Hawking, one of the most accomplished physicists of our time, who happens to suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. What you may not know is that Hawking isn’t the only brilliant mind who has refused to be defined by his physical limitations. Take a look at 12 other disabled scientists who made their mark.