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Picture of 3 white Mastercard touch cards.

Mastercard Introduces Accessible Card for Blind and Partially Sighted People

Unique notches on the Touch Card’s short side allow the person to distinguish it between a credit, debit or prepaid card.

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Bullying Risk in Children with Disabilities: A Review of the Literature

Bullying, also called peer victimization, is a ”disrespectful relationship problem” that occurs when one or more children repeatedly use aggressive behaviour to manipulate, upset, or harm another child who is vulnerable because of his or her physical, mental, or social features. Children can be bullied in several ways.

Picture of two little girls bullying another little girl.

How to Help Students with Special Needs Avoid Bullying

Recent tragedies in western Massachusetts have reminded us all that bullying can have heartbreaking consequences for students in our schools.

Picture of two teenagers cyber bullying another teenager.


While the definitions of cyberbullying, sometimes called online bullying, vary from source to source, most definitions consist of:
electronic forms of contact, an aggressive act, intent, repetition, harm to the target

Picture of a kid with his backpack on.

How three young disabled people dealt with bullies

Research shows disabled children are much more likely to be bullied. Three young people who were once victimised tell their stories and share tips on tackling the problem.

Picture of a man in his wheelchair in a field with his arms up in the air.

Living With A Disability: 12 Essential Tips To Maintain Your Awesome Attitude

I was born with Spina Bifida and one of the biggest challenges of having been born with a disability is that it’s sometimes difficult to separate yourself as a person from the physical condition you’ve always known.

Picture of an older man getting checked at the doctors.

Here’s How To Quickly Recognize A Stroke And Respond Properly

The longer one waits to seek medical attention, the higher the chance that a larger area of their brain matter becomes damaged.

Picture of elf on the shelves with different disability's.

This Mom Modifies Dolls So Kids With Disabilities Feel Seen

Holiday magic for kids who rarely see themselves represented in toys.

Four photographs of author Matthew Shifrin, arranged in a row, show him touching different parts of his face with his hands.

I was born blind. Here’s how I’m using tech to access the power of facial expressions

When you’re blind, you can’t hear when someone smiles, much less figure out whether that smile is genuine or polite. But I’m learning.

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The power of storytelling

Stories have been used to hand down learning and knowledge for thousands of years. A good story engages our curiosity, emotions and imagination.