Lego MRI play set with Lego patient, doctor and nurse

LEGO is donating MRI scanner models to hospitals to help calm children

The LEGO Group is donating model MRI scanners to hospitals to explain the process to kids, and the exclusive build has been showcased online.


Happy White Cane Day!!!

October 15 is International White Cane Day, referred to as National White Cane Safety Day or National White Cane Awareness Day in the United States and simply White Cane Day in Canada.

An urban neighbourhood street corner in the spring with the focus being a recently constructed curb cut sidewalk corner.

Curb Cuts

If you live in an American city and you don’t personally use a wheelchair, it’s easy to overlook the small ramp at most intersections, between the sidewalk and the street. Today, these curb cuts are everywhere, but fifty years ago — when an activist named Ed Roberts was young — most urban corners featured a sharp drop-off, making it difficult for him and other wheelchair users to get between blocks without assistance.

The words Technology and Ableism on a balance with the five sense represented in circle icons below

Opinion | Technology can’t solve the problems ableism creates

Did you read that story in the Stanford Report about the affordable ‘smart cane’ that uses robotics? Wasn’t it cool?” Whenever articles about disability technology come out, I’m asked for my thoughts and feelings on the innovation at hand. People expect me — a blind person — to share their excitement. Most therefore find my frustration and lack of enthusiasm perplexing.

Picture of a woman opening a letter.

Social Assistance Policy Can Be A Deciding Factor In Ontario’s Next Election

Around 450,000 people are in families that receive on Ontario Works, and a further 500,000 receive support through the Ontario Disability Support Program.

Image of a young male sitting in his wheelchair with a group of people holding a phone wearing a bright orange lanyard.

It’s Perfectly OK To Call A Disabled Person ‘Disabled,’ And Here’s Why

We’ve been taught to refer to people with disabilities using person-first language, but that might be doing more harm than good.

Picture of a pirate costume and unicorn costume target has added for accessible options.

Target Adds Accessible Options To Its Halloween Collection

Everyone can dress up. Target announced the launch of accessible Halloween costumes.

Picture of 3 white Mastercard touch cards.

Mastercard Introduces Accessible Card for Blind and Partially Sighted People

Unique notches on the Touch Card’s short side allow the person to distinguish it between a credit, debit or prepaid card.

Picture of the can child logo.

Bullying Risk in Children with Disabilities: A Review of the Literature

Bullying, also called peer victimization, is a ”disrespectful relationship problem” that occurs when one or more children repeatedly use aggressive behaviour to manipulate, upset, or harm another child who is vulnerable because of his or her physical, mental, or social features. Children can be bullied in several ways.

Picture of two little girls bullying another little girl.

How to Help Students with Special Needs Avoid Bullying

Recent tragedies in western Massachusetts have reminded us all that bullying can have heartbreaking consequences for students in our schools.