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Hiring People with Disabilities: Recruiting with AODA Accessibility in Mind

Although the deadlines for AODA compliance have passed, your company may not be hiring people with disabilities because you are unaware of how best to recruit from this demographic.

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Tips for Inclusive and Accessible Hiring and Recruiting

Some are calling it the Great Resignation, others the Great Reassessment, and still others the Great Jobs Mismatch. One thing is clear: the 2021 hiring market presents massive shifts for employers and job seekers alike.

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Disabled talent drive innovation, shareholder value and business performance

Prue Hawkins says she “couldn’t find a job to save her life”, after graduating from a top law school.

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How many people with disabilities does your firm currently employ?

Recent headlines have reported that there are many people with disabilities still experiencing difficulties within their place of work, from recruitment right through to their employee experience.

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5 People Share Their Accessible WFH Setups — And They Get the Job Done

Millions of people who were used to going into offices to work have spent the past year trying to do the same job at home. It’s certainly been an ongoing task, especially when it comes to finding a professional background in a quiet corner, but what about people who have to accommodate their bodies’ needs alongside their jobs’ requirements? 

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Disability Employment – Tips to Hire/Getting Hired

Every October, the subject of employment in the disability community is brought to the forefront of inclusive hiring practices with NDEAM (National Disability Employment Awareness Month) campaigns that activists and businesses alike participate in. 

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How Microsoft is Hiring More Inclusive with Minecraft

For most of us, job interviews can be stressful and difficult to prepare for. Traditional interview formats can also present unique challenges for neurodivergent candidates.

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Increasing Comfort: Working with People with Disabilities

Employers or colleagues may feel intimidated by the AODA’s mandate to accommodate if they have no experience working with people with disabilities.

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Creating a Workplace Personalized Emergency Response Plan

Under the AODA [Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) S.27(1)], employers must provide personalized emergency response plans to workers who have temporary or permanent disabilities.

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Can People with Disabilities Use Your Careers Website?

A company’s jobs or careers webpage is often the way potential job candidates first learn about the organization’s mission, opportunities and culture. But if the site is not accessible to people with disabilities because of the way it is designed, then employers may run the risk of alienating a large pool of candidates or being liable for discrimination.