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Image of fingers on braille.

Teaching visually impaired students – and making class materials more accessible for everyone at the same time

Hannah Thompson, a partially blind academic, offers six tips for ensuring an inclusive learning environment

Picture of two young girls playing together on a playground.

5 Ways To Help Your Kid With Special Needs Make Friends

Touching or following other children on the playground is how five-year-old Kellen tries to make new friends.

The words Technology and Ableism on a balance with the five sense represented in circle icons below

Opinion | Technology can’t solve the problems ableism creates

Did you read that story in the Stanford Report about the affordable ‘smart cane’ that uses robotics? Wasn’t it cool?” Whenever articles about disability technology come out, I’m asked for my thoughts and feelings on the innovation at hand. People expect me — a blind person — to share their excitement. Most therefore find my frustration and lack of enthusiasm perplexing.

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Ways Technology Can Help Seniors with Dementia

Technology has made lives easier in various forms. Whether it’s the ease of shopping, communicating, or working, technological advancements contributed vastly to one’s daily activities. As dementia cases in seniors rise, you can also use technology to help your loved one through the process.

Image of Michael J. Fox on the cover of a magazine.

Michael J. Fox Talks Openly About the 30 Years Since His Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Aside from his undeniable skills as an actor and his unwavering dedication to ending Parkinson’s for good, there’s a whole lot to admire about Michael J. Fox. The 60-Year-old actor and advocate set an important example simply based on the way he lives his life. In a recent interview, Fox spoke openly about how he maintains his optimism 30 years after his life-changing diagnosis. 

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Social Assistance Policy Can Be A Deciding Factor In Ontario’s Next Election

Around 450,000 people are in families that receive on Ontario Works, and a further 500,000 receive support through the Ontario Disability Support Program.

Image of a blind man feeling a braille sign at a bus stop.

Braille signage, tactile walking surfaces to be added to 8,400 Metro Vancouver bus stops

Installation begins Dec. 16 and should be finished by the end of 2022, the transit authority says.

Image of a young male sitting in his wheelchair with a group of people holding a phone wearing a bright orange lanyard.

It’s Perfectly OK To Call A Disabled Person ‘Disabled,’ And Here’s Why

We’ve been taught to refer to people with disabilities using person-first language, but that might be doing more harm than good.

Picture of Melissa Blake.

Trolls Told Me I’m Too Ugly To Post Pics. Then I Did And Something Incredible Happened.

In one tweet — which now has nearly 300,000 likes — I owned my beauty. For the first time in my life, I felt worthy and deserving.

Picture of a man in his wheelchair crossing a road.

8 Everyday Items Originally Invented for People With Disabilities

There’s something called the “Curb-Cut Effect.” Research institute PolicyLink describes it as “a vibrant illustration of how laws and programs designed to benefit vulnerable groups, such as the disabled or people of color, often end up benefiting all.”