Usability & Web Accessibility – Assistive Technology

Posted by Yale University | Date Accessed: August 19, 2022

People with certain disabilities use display and input technologies to access online resources. There are several software and hardware solutions that have been adopted, commonly referred to as assistive technologies.

Screen Readers

Screen readers – used to listen to the content of a webpage.

Screen Magnification Software

Screen magnification software – used to enlarge screen content to make it easier to read for users with a partial sight impairment.

Alternative Input Devices

Alternative input devices – an alternative to the typical mouse and keyboard interaction for users with physical or cognitive impairment.

They include:

  • Head pointers
  • Motion tracking or eye tracking
  • Single switch entry devices
  • Large-print and tactile keyboards
  • Speech input software

Adapted from:
W3C: Diversity in Web Use

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