Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr. William McDermott, Trauma Psychologist, explains that post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition when something outside of the person happens. When they are traumatized, they experience the three elements of horror, terror, and a belief of helplessness. One thing that happens, is they cannot find peace and are hyper=reactive. A second thing that happens is that they are not able to control their thoughts about the event to the extent It interferes tremendously with their day-to-day activities. Memories come back they react as if it is occurring again and again so they will react with the same anxiety, with the same fear and the same horror that they felt when the event first occurred. And a third set of things that happen to them is they numb themselves emotionally to horror or fear which also numbs their joy, hope and happiness. He adds that there is a difference between para suicidal thinking and suicidal thinking.  Suicidal thinking is the thought of wanting to die, your body to stop living. Para-suicidal thinking is thinking that has less to do with wanting to die and more with wanting the pain and anguish to cease. He lists signs people are turning the corner as when they begin to say accurate and positive things about themselves. We have to be very cautious about imposing our timetables on someone else. For those not moving through this, do not abandon them. We have to overcome our own apprehensions about being rejected or having some aggression thrown our way or even emotional violence. We to say you’re not in this alone.