Inspired by Daughter With Disabilities, Dad Helps Families Find Adaptive Bikes

By Yael Meshulam | The Dad, May 31, 2021

Ron with Daughter on an adaptive bike

Nothing stands in the way of a dad trying to problem-solve, especially when that problem impacts their kids’ happiness. Ron Goldstein’s daughter was born with a disability, but the determined dad made sure it didn’t inhibit her ability to be a kid. Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage, but since his daughter couldn’t ride independently, Ron looked into other options. After coming up short, Ron took things into his own hands.

The only company that offered the type of adaptive bike Ron needed was located in Germany. The Hase bike Ron ordered was life-changing, allowing him to safely strap his daughter in while he pedaled. The Minnesota dad was so touched by the impact of his new bike that he founded his own company, GBKids, to make accessible bikes available locally.

“The average bike-riding experience is one that every child dreams of. However, it does not come easily to children with special needs,” the GBKids website states. “The good news is that the advancement of technology offers adaptive bikes for these children that accommodate a wide array of disabilities.”

Bike riding is a fun and exciting activity, but as the GBKids website explains, it provides countless additional benefits. It helps kids learn balance and coordination, increases strength and helps increase situational awareness. The GBKids bikes vary in the amount of support they provide, meaning that kids with a range of needs can find the perfect bike.

Ron is working hard to change the narrative when it comes to having kids with special needs. Having a disability doesn’t mean that certain things are off-limits, and thanks to people like Ron, accessibility is starting to receive the attention it deserves. And as a result, those with special needs are able to enjoy life experiences all kids deserve.

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