Hector Mestre

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Hector Mestre was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico on the 22nd day of February in 1983. Being born with a visual impairment, he spent most of his childhood surrounded by family, friends, musicians, and singers. It was only a matter of time, that he would discover that  running through his veins there was also a passion for music.

His life as a musician began at an early age as he participated in school bands, local churches, and special events. 

At the age of 14, he experienced his first job as a professional musician, when he participated as the ‘Timbalero’ in a salsa orchestra. This was the key that opened the door to his successful future in the musical environment. 

Besides his passion for music, Hector knew that he one day wanted to become a Recording Engineer. At the age of 16 he began to buy his first recording studio equipment, and discovered that he had not been wrong. This allowed him to expand his knowledge and experience in Music and Recording Engineering. Hector studied at ‘Recording Connections’ and graduated with honors as a Recording Engineer in the year 2003.

The idea for “Mestre Quality Studio” was born in the heart of Hector at the age of 19. Opening its doors for business in Orlando, FL. USA in 2001. Today the studio receives world wide known and GRAMMY Winners and Nominees artists from all over the world. Hector Mestre has worked for renowned artists such as Salsa Singer “Tito Nieves”; Producer and Musician “Sergio George” (Sergio George is known as the number one Producer in the latin industry. He is a multiple GRAMMY Winner, and is the Producer of Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Tito Nieves, Talia and more); “Don Felipe Muniz” (Marc Anthony’s Father); “Domingo Quiñones”; Reggaeton performer “Tito el Bambino”; “Charlie Cruz”; Worldwide known Gospel Singer “Ingrid Rosario”; “Manny Montes”; Producer and Musician “Diego Gale” (Diego Gale is also a multiple GRAMMY Winner who has worked for Marc Antony, Jennifer Lopez, Tito Nieves, Gilberto Santa Rosa and many more); GRAMMY Winner Producer and Musician “Jay Lugo” (Jay Lugo has worked with Luis Fonsi -as one of the co-producers of Despacito the greatest number one hit in the world history of music-, Victor Manuel, Nicky Jam, and more); “Manolo Ramos”; “Mandinga”; “Abraham Velazquez and Bethliza Cintron”; “Marco Ibanez”; “Charity Daw”; “Tomasito Cruz”; “Metropolis Productions”; Pianist “Adlan Cruz”; “Ismael Miranda”; “Alex D’Castro”; “Jon Montalban”; “Jose Alberto El Canario”; and “New Era Entertainment” and more.

Image of album cover titled: Esa Boquita by J Alvarez.
Image of album cover titled: Ojos regreso Al Amor by Nancy Rodriguez.
Image of album cover titled: Tributo A Jerusalen by Jon Montalban.
Image of album cover titled: Una Noche Mas by Jay Lugo.
Image of album cover titled: Sobre Todo Y Ante Todo by Laurie Colon and Victoria Sanabria.
Image of album cover titled: De vualta al amor by Domingo.
Image of album cover titled: Puerto rico se levanta by Ivan Montero.
Image of album cover titled: Todo estara bien by Manny Montes.
Image of album cover titled: Canciones que no se olvidan by Tito Nieves.
Image of album cover titled: I am Cuba by Tomasito Cruz.
Image of album cover titled: Se cae el mundo by Charlie Cruz.
Image of album cover titled: Camino a tu corazon by Omar Lugo.
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