Closing The Disability Inclusion Gap At Work: These 5 Research-Proven Ways Will Help You Start Today

Feb. 27, 2019
By Denise Brodey on Forbes

It’s one thing for a team’s leadership to say they want to be more inclusive and another to successfully put that vision into practice. Just starting the process can raise a lot of questions: How does the human resources department get involved? Where does the role of the chief diversity officer begin and end? And how does the information trickle down to managers and IT directors? The short answer: Being more disability-friendly has to be a cross-departmental, multi-level priority, involving every area of the business, from human resources to the IT department. To be successful, companies also need to measure what matters from start to finish, according to the most recent Disability Equality Index Report, a national benchmarking tool for businesses to track their disability inclusion efforts.

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