Canadian DeafBlind Association National

Image of the Canadian DeafBlind Association National

Mission Statement

To promote and enhance the well-being of people who are deafblind through awareness, education and the provision of support to our chapters, members and community partners.

Vision Statement

All people who are deafblind will live rich meaningful lives.


  1. Individualized lifelong Intervention is a right for every person who is deafblind. Intervention will provide the best possible opportunity to:
  • Communicate- Access information
  • Make choices (Regarding: education, recreation, vocations, accommodation, medical, physical, spiritual, and emotional care)
  • Be included in the community

2. All persons who are deafblind should live in a safe, healthy environment and have the self respect and dignity due every Canadian.

3. People who are deafblind should have access to continuous appropriate education and training from the time of identification.

4. Partnership is important and must include: the individual who is deafblind, the family, the community and the professionals involved.

Canadian DeafBlind Association National