Advisory Council

Representatives on the Advisory Council are invited to serve based on the expertise required to bring the goals of A Life Worth Living to fruition. This includes advising on technology, internet and accessibility requirements, shaping the Online Resource Centre, critiquing and participating in productions, assisting in proposal and grant writing, marketing and formation of strategic relationships.

william bartholome

William Bartholome MD, MTS*

Human Ethics Committee, Harvard; Founder of Midwest Bioethics Center

Jeffrey Beach

Jeffrey Beach

President and CEO, Asthma Canada

david best

David Best

Advisory IT Specialist, Best Consulting

amanda gellman

Amanda Gellman

President, CEO of Manan Strategy Consultants

jeff healey

Jeff Healey DLitt *

Internationally Renowned Canadian Musician

avatar image female

Patti Hiscock

Agile Accessibility and Technical Documentation

william hurlbut

William Hurlbut

Physician and Consulting Professor at Neuroscience Institute, Stanford University

jerome jackson

Jerome (J. J.) Jackson

Consultant in Diversity

kathy lafreniere

Kathryn Lafreniere

Social and Personality Psychology

murray landerkin

Murray Landerkin


william mcdermott

William McDermott

International Clinical and Consulting Trauma Psychologist

Steve Perpich

Senior Consultant, ALWL Consultancy

jim rutherford

Jim Rutherford


joel snyder

Joel Snyder

Founder and President Audio Description Associates, LLD., Director, Audio Description Project, American Council of the Blind

fred sorrell

Fred Sorrell

Former Special Projects Officer, St. Clair College

Robert Spiering

Robert Spiering*

International Association of Lions Clubs 1996-97 District A-1 Governor

Michael C.F. Webb

Michael C.F. Webb

Mount Sinai Scientific Staff

Morris Whatmore

Morris Whatmore

President/Owner of MRW Grp

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

Internationally Renowned Musician and Humanitarian