Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs should help if you’re looking for information about the Annual Bowling FUNdraiser.

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Rose Bowl

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking at the Rose Bowl 2482 Dougall Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1T2.



Can I make a donation to the charity rather than to the Friends of A Life Worth Living Bowling FUNdraiser?

Yes, you can donate via PayPal or CanadaHelps, or by cheque. Please make the cheque payable to A Life Worth Living and mail to:

Make cheque payable to A Life Worth Living.
Address: A Life Worth Living
203 – 880 E.C Expressway North Service Road, Windsor, Ontario  N8X 3J5


How much has been raised in the past?

To date, bowlers, sponsors and supporters have raised over $400,000 in cash. We have also received discounted purchases for t-shirts, bowling games, the banner, pictures, printing, advertising etc.


Will I get a tax receipt when making a donation?

All online donations of $20 or more will automatically receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps non-profit organization similar to Pay Pal. All donations of $20 or more will be receipted from A Life Worth Living directly provided the mailing address is complete and legible.


Income Tax Receipts

Do I get a tax receipt for paying my registration fee?

The registration fee is non-receiptable in accordance with Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines.


Do you issue income tax receipts for US dollars?

No, but we do use the American donations in the United States of America.


How long is the tax receipt valid for?

According to Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines, you have up to 5 years from the date of issue to include this on your tax return.


I have lost my original tax receipt and require a duplicate. What do I do?

For additional tax receipts, requests for reprints, and/or corrections please contact or call 519-966-0564.


I made an online donation and I cannot open my tax receipt? Why is this?

If you paid electronically, electronic tax receipts are sent in PDF format. If you currently do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you will not be able to open the attachment. Download Adobe Reader at For replacement tax receipts, requests for reprints and/or corrections please contact


May I make a donation if I’m not participating in the Bowling FUNdraiser?

Absolutely & Thank You – you can donate via PayPal or CanadaHelps.

For every $250 sent by mail or online by event day for the Friends of A Life Worth Living Bowling FUNdraiser will entitle you to a ballot for the Grand Prize.

Mail your donation to A Life Worth Living. Please record your name, address, and donation amount to get a tax receipt. Please make the cheque out to A Life Worth Living and indicate if it is for the Friends of A Life Worth Living Bowling FUNdrasier or a general donation.

A Life Worth Living

880 North Service Road, Suite 203

Windsor, On N8X 3J5


What is the minimum donation eligible for a tax receipt?

You will get an income tax receipt if you donate $20 or more. The donor’s name must be complete and legible.


When will A Life Worth Living send out income tax receipts for donations?

Donate online and you’ll receive an electronic tax receipt within 30 minutes.

A Life Worth Living will issue tax receipts for offline donations in plenty of time to claim the deduction on your income tax return.



Are bowlers required to raise pledges?

Although we do not have a minimum pledge requirement, bowlers are expected to work hard to bring in pledges. You will be rewarded with prizes, surprises and knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

Without money ~ we cannot make a difference.


Do I have to collect pledge money from the people who sponsor me?

Yes, you are responsible for collecting the pledge money.


Do you accept cash or cheques?

Yes, we accept both cash and/or cheques.


How can I increase my pledge totals?

Teams are encouraged to seek out a sponsor for their team. Briefly, an Event Sponsorship is $1000, Team Sponsorship is $500 and Corporate Sponsorship $300. For the printouts and more information on the Benefits of Sponsorship visit Sponsorship Package.


If I forget to bring my pledges on Bowling Day, where do I send them?

You can mail or bring your pledges to the A Life Worth Living office, 880 North Service Road, Suite 203, Windsor, Ontario N8X 3J5. Phone 519-966-0564.


Is there a minimum amount that each bowler and/or team has to raise?

No. There is no minimum but we do recommend that every bowler try to raise at least $125 for free registration or $250 to be eligible for $1000 in cash for the Grand Prize Draw.


When do I hand in my pledge money?

Pay online or hand your pledge sheet money and registration fees to your captain on the day of the event. Your captain will check the pledge sheets to ensure all the required information has been completed. The captain will bring all team pledge sheets and any unpaid registration fees to the registration desk on the day of the event.


Where can I find tips on how to reach my fundraising goals?

We will be happy to share bowler strategies from previous years. Give Judy a call at 519-966-0564 or email


Where do I get my pledge sheets?

It’s easy. Pledge Sheets are downloadable; ask you Team Captain for one; email for an email copy to be sent to you, or call A Life Worth Living 519-966-0564 and we will send you a hardcopy.


Who should the cheque be made out to?

All cheques should be made payable to A Life Worth Living whether they are for the Friends of A Life Worth Living Bowling FUNdraiser or for A Life Worth Living.


Prizes and Awards

How can a bowler win the Pledge Awards?

To be eligible for you to win Pledge Challenge Awards, you must pay your registration fee and hand in your pledges by or on the day of the event.


Will every bowler receive a prize?

Every bowler registered will receive a gift. Teams that bingo during Bingo Bowling will receive prizes. There is the 50/50 draw for a share in money and door prizes, and a name tag draw. Only those who have submitted pledges will be eligible for the Pledge Challenge Awards and the Grand Prize for a $1000.



Are registration fees refundable or transferable?

Registration Fees are not refundable but are transferable. That means once we receive your registration fees, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate. You may transfer your entry to another participant but please inform us before the event about any changes to guarantee a bowler package.


Can I change our team’s name?

Yes, but please send your new team names to the organizing committee before the event. This helps us with the many behind-the-scenes details that are critical to assigning lanes and handing out Awards, the Grand Prize, income tax receipts and Bowler’s Packages.


Can I take a photo of my team?

Yes, as long as you take the time to pose and bring your camera.


How can I make a suggestion for next year?

We welcome your comments as they only help us to host a better event! Contact Us with your suggestion.


How can I receive free registration?

Free registration is available to each bowler who raises $125 or more in pledges handed in on event day.


How do I create a team?

will give you the information you need online. Call Judy Robinet at 519-966-0564 if the information you need isn’t there.


How do I sign up for next year’s bowling?

Registration Forms will be available on the web site.


How many people to a team?

A team is made of 4 bowlers including the captain.


How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is $20 a bowler payable before or on the day of the event. FREE REGISTRATION FOR EACH BOWLER WHO RAISES $125 OR MORE BY EVENT DAY. Register by January 25th, to guarantee a bowler package.

Each registration fee entitles you to an event keepsake, 2 games, shoe rental, Bingo Prizes, and Pledge Challenge Awards.

The registration fee helps Friends of A Life Worth Living cover the associated costs so that donations can go directly to the cause. The earlier you register, the sooner you can begin raising the funds that will change lives and win prizes.


How old do you need to be on the team?

As old and as young as you need to be to ‘get’ the bowling ball down the alley.


I’m not part of a team, can I sign up as a bowler?

Yes, the Friends of A Life Worth Living Committee will place you on a team.

Call: (519) 966-0564