Friends Of A Life Worth Living

Friends of a Life Worth Living (FALWL) was sparked by Lion Linda Fowler who wanted to support A Life Worth Living financially.  Her dream is that as the Vision Loss Portal is utilized, people in 100 communities would host their own event with proceeds targeted for A Life Worth Living.  Having this fundraiser allowed us to secure a bingo license.  Each Chair works with their own volunteers.

Friends of A Life Worth Living Committee

  • Coordinator, Sheryl Milana, Accounting Processor, III, Sylectus, coordinates the event thoughout the year, arranging meetings, conferring with the Executive Director over bowler’s packages, print materials, hosts on the day of the event and issues income tax receipts.
  • Bingo Bowling Chair, Stella Drouillard, Teaching Assistant, sets procedures, prepares for and leads the Bowling Bingo game.
  • Cash Room Chair, Kathie Gifford, Manager, Information Technology, sets procedures, supervises and prepares totals for registration. 50/50 and pledge monies received.
  • Data Base Administrator, Patricia MacDermid, Technical Writer, sets procedures, inputs FALWL details into data base, and prepares reports.
  • Electronics Chair, Keith Mastromatteo, ensures that the sound system and technology is properly set up for the event.
  • Public Relations, Judy Robinet, Executive Director arranges print materials, correspondence and promotion and Pledge Awards.
  • Prize Chair, Rick and Mary Drouillard, Lakeside Lions of Tecumseh, solicit, pick up and distribute prizes.
  • Registration Chair, Linda Fowler, Financial Advisor, sets procedures and supervises registration the day of the event.