MS Exec Taylor Anne

‘We are at a crossroads’ – How Microsoft’s Accessibility team is making an impact that will be felt for generations

When it comes to accessibility, Anne Taylor is not afraid to share her point of view. Serving as Director of Supportability in Microsoft’s Accessibility program, she ensures the teams designing Microsoft products and services always consider people with disabilities.

Picture of a doctor listening to a stethoscope.

Taking Your Health Care To The Next Level With Telemedicine

Services like HealthLine only offer advice, and often require patients to seek in-person care. Telemedicine is different, directly connecting patients and licensed health care providers online. Telemedicine — also known as eHealth, telehealth, or virtual medicine — aims to cut down on in-person visits, making medical care more efficient for both patients and healthcare providers.

Adam Spencer CEO of AbleDocs

Adam Spencer: A CEO Extraordinaire, Creating Ripples of Change

When you first meet Adam Spencer, what strikes you most is his assertive authenticity and raw honesty. Here is the CEO of AbleDocs, who is as vocal about his weaknesses as he is about his strengths, and probably that is the reason for his sparkling success and accelerated growth.

Animated photo of an older man in a wheelchair talking to 2 women who have a board with a graph on it.

Instead Of These Ableist Words, Use Inclusive Language At Work

Stop using disability as a negative metaphor at work (and everywhere else).

Celinne Da Costa writing in a book sitting at a table.

Why Every Business Needs Powerful Storytelling To Grow

Storytelling is a powerful business tool and a skill that every business building a powerful and lasting brand should master.

Picture of a blind man holding his white cane.

Overreliance on Overlays is Counter to Enculturation of Accessibility

As an organization representing the blind, new technology almost always presents us with promise and peril. Few companies come to the blind to understand our needs before developing their products and advertising them as being responsive to us. Nothing about us without us seems never to have occurred to them.

IrelandÕs first socially assistive AI robot 'Stevie II' from robotics engineers at Trinity College Dublin, with Brendan Crean, who helped trial the robot through the charity ALONE, during a special demonstration at the Science Gallery in Dublin. (Photo by Brian Lawless/PA Images via Getty Images)

The tech industry’s accessibility report card for 2021

In spite of all the advancements we’ve seen in tech, the industry as a whole has consistently neglected people with disabilities.

young womans hands typing on laptop

Accessibility Tip of the Week: Copying and pasting accessible content

Rather than typing directly into our web tools, many of us create web content using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This workflow simplifies editing the content, but some formatting can be lost when migrating the content to the web.


Accessibility offers the Ultimate User Experience

Today is International Persons with Disabilities Day, which provides an opportunity to further reflect on IBM’s contributions to accessibility and inclusivity when it comes to the ever-evolving world of technology and design.

man with hearing aid looking at cell phone

Why You Need to Do User Testing with Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Why you need to conduct user testing with deaf and hard of hearing people, and also describes why their needs are often overlooked. Further, Meryl speaks to how to test captions and transcripts for maximum accessibility.