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Adapting Leads To Success

by Judy Robinet, Executive Director of A Life Worth Living How can Mark drive a 1988 Porsche Rothmans Turbo Cup up to speeds of 300km an hour on a crowded…

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Beyond Basic Needs

by Judy Robinet, Executive Director of A Life Worth Living October is Disability Employment Awareness Month designated to give us the opportunity ‘to promote employment inclusion for people with disabilities…

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Digital Accessibility: Perceptions, Expectations and Reality

As A Life Worth Living is beginning to return to active blogging, our team had this document brought to our attention. The focus of the rest of 2020 and into…

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The Disability-Inclusion Movement

It is one thing to legislate disability inclusion but if you have not ‘been there’, it can be a whole new world to know how to follow through.  Even with…

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A Local Success Story

by Judy Robinet, Executive Director One of my most treasured of gifts that I have ever received in my lifetime was given to me by children with disabilities and their…

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Architect Chris Downey Tells His Story

At age 45, Chris Downey had pretty much constructed the life he’d always wanted. An architect with a good job at a small housing firm outside San Francisco, he was…

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