Various internationally acclaimed directors and producers expressed interest in ALWL’s series, including Oscar Award-winning director Bev Shaffer of the National Film Board. She declared in a letter: “I read through the entire script and I found it illuminating. I see the value of your project as an educational tool that will empower people with vision loss and inform the general public.”

Leona Macintyre, her adult daughter living out on the east coast hundreds of miles away was diagnosed with eye cancer. She wrote:

“A Life Worth Living brought calm to our family when our world was turned upside down by cancer. During times of crisis, it is wonderful to have good information to be able to review, discuss and share with others, to be able to calm our fears and face the loss of vision from cancer. A Life Worth Living should be very proud of the service you provide to families during these times of crisis. You are indeed “Bridging the Gap”. – Leona Macintyre

Mahadeo Sukhai, PhD, a researcher at Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto stated:

“I was fortunate enough to be in the audience where one of the first promotional videos describing the “A Life Worth Living” project was shown. That video – nothing more than a description of the intended project – had the power of revelation. Those words gave me the courage I needed to keep searching for a graduate program. Today, I still carry Judy’s advice with me, and look to it as a source of strength for the many decisions that lie ahead.” – Mahadeo Sukhai

Patrycja Domurad whose face was crushed in a car accident on a ski trip testified:

“I could not return to school or go out with my friends.  Judy shared A Life Worth Living’s script with me.  I could identify with the people. The story was so inspirational I decided to go back to school and to writing.” – Patrycja Domurad

Paula Rankin, mother of 2 children with visual impairments, said:

“A Life Worth Living speaks volumes to me; it is such a necessary resource! There is no ‘how-to” manual or enough support. Imagine what it would be like for a family to have a media internet information system! A Life Worth Living is important not only for this community but communities around the world!” – Paula Rankin

Paula Korelitz, Outreach Director, ROPARD William Beaumont Hospital, in Michigan counsels families who have children with visual impairment.

“I saw A Life Worth Living’s prototype and realized that this is exactly what families need. What I know most about what families that I work with is that it is very difficult for them to even hear what the doctor says at first to be able to listen to what they need to hear and to be able to have the opportunity to hear information over and over is extremely beneficial to them.” – Paula Korelitz