The Vision Loss Portal

A Life Worth Living’s mission is to support inter-dependence by producing, marketing and distributing contemporary multimedia materials on living with disabilities. By doing so, our vision is to inspire and motive those impacted by disability. This includes everyone in our community who is looking for answers to questions, guidance and inspiration. Plans are in place for our first project, the Vision Loss Portal. With funding, we can bring hope and motivation to all who visit.

Since A Life Worth Living was founded, our team has evaluated technologies available to us ~ cassettes, cd’s, dvd, blu-ray and the internet. Until now, each one of these technologies was unable to provide a truly interactive and disability accessible format to present the amount of material requested by the users. With recent internet advancements, we can proceed with more confidence.

“Your vision for A Life Worth Living is 10 to 15 years ahead of its time.”– Norm Simon, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Bell Canada, March 1996