Our Dream

Imagine providing people who live with impairments, their families, and the public, the answers to simple and life-changing questions.

Imagine being able to connect people with others who can inspire them to take control of their lives and rise above this perceived tragedy.

Imagine making this information available in an accessible format, not just to some, but to all.

A Life Worth Living’s dream is to bring all of these ‘imagines’ to reality.  We plan that:

  • A partnership of families and professionals will offer comprehensive step-by-step answers based on first-hand experience.
  • Answers to questions will be presented in accessible multimedia formats.
  • Real-time connection of people to people will reduce frustration when searching for information.
  • Portals will be a place where people can safely Ask Learn Share about living with disability.
  • These features, put on a portal, will be available whether they are at home, in the community or on the run.
  • Our first, The Vision Loss Portal, will be the model for other Disability Portals.
  • Portals for disabilities will be available in requested languages