About A Life Worth Living

“We want you to be close to us, to love us, but we don’t want you to be so close to us that you inhibit us from being able to discover, to learn, to know. And so I think that kind of balance will be shown far more than ever before with what we’re doing with this whole concept of A Life Worth Living.” – Stevie Wonder, Wonderland Studios

The seeds for A Life Worth Living were planted in February 1994. A young man dealing with an unexpected visual impairment tried to commit suicide. During counseling, he and his family asked that a multimedia resource be made available to people. They said it should feature answers to questions asked by people who live with  an impairment particularly “How can I live this life?” and “How do others live this life?” And, for those in their circle of support guessing how to assist them, a focus on how and when you – a relative, friend, volunteer, professional or community member – can help. They also wanted to understand their own emotions and actions.